Why Turkish Real Estate Market Preferred By Foreigners ,Due to Turkey’s successful economy, qualified and competitive labor force liberal and reformist investment climate, infra-structure, a centrally located and a bridge from Europe to Asia, energy corridor and terminal of europe, low taxes and incentives customs union with the EU since 1996 and a large domestic market.


Turkey recently has been chosen as an investment preferred destination by investors. Where they felt safer by Turkish local law comparing to other countries around.


Turkey, has confirmed a Legal amendments which allowed foreigners to own the land, company and also inherit the property.


Turkey has confirmed an opportunity to get the Turkish Citizenship by investing in real estate by 250k $, or deposit money in Turkish banks.


Real estate market earned a high interest specially from the European investors due to Turkey’s climate and geographic also they have enough invested in their countries and looking for better investment opportunities with a reliable return.


Most of real estate foreign investors prefers the city of Istanbul regarding its style, being a business center and a place for a successful investment. Other Turkish cities also such like Izmir and Antalya have a reasonable number of investors due to their nature.


It’s important to get a local Turkish company’s advise while buying and investing in a real estate as they are more expert in suitable opportunities, interest rates and payment plans. They can also provide you the legal advise about all steps regarding your investment.


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