Why buying a property in Bursa

Buying a Property in Bursa ,We have mentioned previously about the reasons why to invest in Turkey, because of its well known successful economy, qualified and competitive labor force liberal and reformist investment climate, infra-structure, a centrally located and a bridge from Europe to Asia, energy corridor and terminal of europe, low taxes and incentives customs union with the EU  since 1996 and a large domestic market.


In this article we would like to speak about an old turkish capital, the city of BURSA where princes competed to stay in, what added a deep historical spirit to the city.


It’s easy to go to Bursa from the city of Istanbul by Sea, once you arrive you will notice the green colour in most of the places relating to the famous football team “bursa spor”.


In Bursa, you can climb to the highest point of the Uludag mountain, where you can ski or enjoy the celebration of the new year events while watching the snow in winter or you can even have your barbecue party above the green mountain and enjoy the sunny summer day.


Bursa, is also famous for its plate “Iskender”, the chestnut delights and the “Pismaniye” sweets.


You can invest in your property in Bursa specially it’s not far from the center of business Istanbul or the Sabiha international Airport, in the New Year eve, as most of properties are sold or have been rent already.


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