World’s biggest international airport – istanbul airport

International Airport Istanbul Turkey ,has celebrated lastly the opening of the biggest international airport and the third in Istanbul city on 29th of October 2018 the date Turkey celebrate the the Republic Day.

An Airport located in ArnavutköyIstanbul in the European side of Istanbul city, and expecting a capacity of 150 million annual passenger.

By opening this Airport, Istanbul city has not only became a real center point for the world but a business capital. This airport also has added more value to istanbul city which already has 2 existing airports.


The Government is planning to turn the Ataturk airport in the future to a huge public park or to operate the charter flights only, as the flights will be operated from Istanbul airport beginning from 31st of December 2018.


The New Istanbul airport, which it’s name was officially announced as Istanbul Airport, will be served by a transportation network such as metro line which will be opened in the future and passengers will be able to reach the new airport faster. Also due to the Istanbul airport the surrounded lands’ value has increased. These lands are now a good opportunity for investment specially those which can serve the new airport area.


New hotels, companies, warehouses have been opened in the area of the Istanbul airport.


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