Working as a foreigner in Turkey


Working as a foreigner in Turkey , has become a developed economic icon in the world last 15 years and many foreign investments have taken place specially in Turkey. Also as Turkey was the first station for people coming from Middleeast and East Europe, also due to low taxes and prices comparing to many countries in Europe, all investors found their opportunity to launch their companies and move their work to Turkey.


Turkey’s raising economy in the last years encouraged foreigners to work in Turkey, and as the laws have modified to help them work legally in the country and to get the benefits of any regular worker such as the health coverage. Foreigners now are able to apply for a working permit as a worker either as a self-employed.


Foreigners who aim to work in Turkey are asked to provide a valid residence permit if they’re applying inside Turkey, in case of applying outside Turkey they’re asked to apply to the nearest embassy and authorities in their country.


Applying to the working permit in Turkey has became easier than before, all you need is a valid legal contract with your employer and he should apply to get you the working permit by fill the applications and  providing all necessary documents to the ministry of the Labour and Social Security. Self-employed foreigners also are able to get a working permit if they’ve their own company and work.


Istanbul has recorded the highest number of working permits for foreigners, as it’s considered the center of business in Turkey and the busiest city as well.


However, foreigners can’t work in specific fieldsin Turkey according to the international work law, here are some of the prohibited jobs for foreigners in Turkey;

  • Dentistry (dentist, dental surgery)
  • Nursing (midwife, nurse)
  • Pharmacist
  • Veterinary
  • Lawyer (Judge, public prosecutor)
  • Notary
  • Security staff
  • Customs brokerage
  • Tourist guiding.


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